You are truly your best investment and the world needs you to reach your potential. THERE IS MORE FOR YOU!

That is why I am inviting YOU to join the You Have A Voice Mastermind!

The Mastermind is a uniquely designed pathway that is focused on your highest visions, your Supreme Intentions, and all the ways you will bring your dreams and desires into reality.

Research is undeniable that community is the best way to achieve accountability, new ideas, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, support, and knowledge.

Having clarity is crucial. Being surrounded by like-minded, like-spirited, conscious, kind people makes all the difference, and to have wrap-around support is a true gift to usher in the next level of your transformation.

You have already experienced the phenomenal life-transforming power of the You Have A Voice Academy. 

As you focus on all the important areas of life as well as your Supreme Intention, you can align your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions, so that you can become truly ALIGNED.

The journey only gets better and better. Deconstructing the old and reconstructing the new is the most IMPORTANT work of your entire life.

What you will receive in the Mastermind:

1. Full membership in You Have A Voice Academy and access to all calls, Facebook Group, and all Challenges.


2. One PRIVATE 45-minute Discovery Call to establish and define the next level of your Supreme Intention.

3. One x TWO HOUR MASTERMIND Zoom call on the first Tuesday of every month 7 pm – 9 pm. (Sydney Time) which follows a specific format.

Rose - what is going well

Thorn - biggest challenge to overcome

Bud - newest idea or concept that you are working on

3. One PRIVATE One Hour Voice Coaching session every month with Simone. This is to work on your singing, voice technique, songwriting, repertoire development, Supreme Intention, creative goals, health goals, or anything you would like in your time.  This can also be two x thirty-minute sessions per month. 

4. Private YHAV Mastermind Facebook Group with unlimited laser coaching and support.

5. TWO x full day Mastermind Group Coaching and Development Days to refine and work on your Supreme Intention, Visions, and Goals. (Dates TBA) Zoom: 10:30am–4:30pm.

6. One Mastermind Summer Retreat!! Three Days. 

(*Accommodation and Food not included, location in NSW.)

Dates will be January or February 2021.

Up close and personal coaching, connection, fun, swimming, hot seat personalized focus, and more!

You Have A Voice Mastermind


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