“The Attitude of Gratitude”

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An incredible collection of inspirational stories expressing how the power of gratitude can help you overcome the hardest challenges. 

A phenomenal collaboration has resulted in the creation of this absolute masterpiece of a bestseller.

Simone was one of twelve international authors who contributed to this book and her chapter will move and encourage you in countless ways. You’ll discover insights into her personal journey that will help you see that there is no pit too deep and no chain too strong. Freedom awaits. 

“OMG - it is superb.  I’m crying now at the sadness AND the joy of your journey.  A road not travelled by many.” - Imelda Bergin 

“Ugh. So hard to read through tears. Man alive.” - Rachelle Napper 

“Simone this is a devastating read. Thank u for sharing it. It’s time for peaceful, powerful “statement making”.  - Sam McNally 

“I read your chapter and I wanted to congratulate you. My deepest respect and love to you. Yours faithfully and sincerely.” - Emma Jewell

“Oh Simone, such a sad yet inspiring story. I feel for that afraid, isolated, scared girl. I wish I could have been there as your big sister at the time & got you out of there. What a difficult journey, just makes me realize even more what a remarkable woman you are. Much love, stay strong & brave.” - Miriam van Lith 


About Simone

Simone Waddell is a singer, songwriter, voice coach, Certified Life Coach, workshop and retreat designer and facilitator, speaker, and writer. Through her You Have A Voice events and programs, she has become an inspiring mentor and role model. Simone will help you Find Your Voice, Empower Your Soul, and Live the Song of Your Life.

Simone has performed professionally in China, Japan, U.S.A, Norway, and her homeland, Australia. She was the first Australian to receive a scholarship to Berklee, one of the top music schools in the world. She won the Nescafé Big Break and was awarded $20,000 for her musical achievements. Simone has released four albums, two EPs, and multiple singles. Her original music videos have over half a million views worldwide online.

 As well as her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Contemporary Music, Simone completed her Research Masters Degree in Jazz Vocals on a scholarship at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a High Distinction, and was mentored by the legendary Australian singer Kerrie Biddell.

 Career highlights include touring with the Grammy nominated artist, Taylor Dayne, numerous performances for national leaders at Parliament House, and performing for Australian Music Week as the opening act for the jazz icon Vince Jones.

 Her recent work in Uganda coaching the Watoto Childrens Choir and the Teenage Worship Academy was a treasured time in her life.

 Through some tough life lessons dealing with domestic violence, and overcoming false beliefs regarding staying in abusive situations, Simone rebuilt her life from the ground up. She ultimately evolved, through the power of God, music, and the unconditional love of friends and family, to have more awareness of how to change her destiny and live the song of her life.

Simone would love to have you stay in touch.

Please contact her via her website www.simonewaddell.com

Email: info@simonewaddell.com

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