Speak your truth in any situation, sing like nobody’s watching, and release the creative blocks that are holding you back. At this retreat, you will plan and strategise what really matters so you can start to live aligned and congruent. Finally allow your inner and outer voice become one.

YOU HAVE A VOICE SUMMIT Bali, 11th - 16th January 2021

Sipping a healthy raw cocoa drink beside the pool as the setting sun slowly sinks behind gently swaying palms, a gentle breeze delights your senses with the scent of Balinese frangipanis…. …it’s the end of an incredible day spent experiencing the exotic pulse, uplifting energy, fragrant oils and magnificent nature of the legendary area of Ubud known for its traditional crafts and dance as well as the stunning rainforests and terraced rice paddies. You laugh with new friends, sharing your adventures from the Balinese marketplace offering everything from hand crafted clothes, to finely wrought silver jewellery, to glorious artworks – and all things in between! Gazing on the magnificent view overlooking the Ayung River ravine you can hardly believe that at last you are here….dining under the Balinese stars. (It’s hard not to feel like a celebrity on a movie set as your jaw drops looking across the stunning view of the valley and majestic neighbouring mountains!) Ah…the delights of Bali! Let me tell you more….  

video placeholder

Bali is the perfect place to spend 6 delightful days….  

In the company of a select boutique group of inspired and purpose driven people you could ever wish to meet…  

…coming together to delve deeply into what really matters as you write the song of your life that transforms your destiny in exponential ways.  

Just imagine learning the art and science of creating the desires of your heart and how to bring them to fruition. Setting up the vision for your 2021 with focus, power and clarity so that your voice and life mission is at the front of your mind.  

(Plus a whole toolkit of practical techniques and strategies you can apply to crafting new vision for your voice, your career, and all the important areas of your life.)  

….And leaving with a clear game plan ready to implement on your return! 


You heard me right.  

This unmissable retreat experience was specifically designed for YOU to combine the ultimate in upgrading your voice and life vision with a life – expanding travel experience that you will remember for a lifetime.  

There is something about the magical energy of this island that will inspire you and your imagination – and getting away from your regular environment, exploring the waterfalls, and receiving an authentic Balinese massage – will have you feeling relaxed and in tip – top shape for getting some of your best work done!  

There is also something very special about January and the new year, new start, new vision that awaits. This is YOUR opportunity to set aside some dedicated, focussed time to delve into the deeper things in your heart and to create a solid plan to outwork them across 2021.

You will immerse in powerful, transformational coaching and be with other like -minded people who are also interested in creativity, positivity, music, turning dreams into reality, knowledge, fun, ways to express your VOICE, and all while making a difference in the world. 

This program is uniquely designed to bring clarity to your true calling and passion, identify your unique gifts and strengths, and will give you the tools to take the steps to achieve what it is that you envision and desire...

PLUS! You will receive:  

Group Coaching - Powerful and life transforming 

Hot Seat Coaching - Individual coaching for your own unique situation 

Voice Technique Coaching – Practical with Fast Results  

An Opportunity to Speak or Sing From the Heart - at the Final Night Concert  



And whatever “oh my goodness I-REALLY-need-help-with….” questions that you can think of! Being able to talk about what you’re creating so you feel comfortable and confident is CRITICAL to your success knowing you are getting the best feedback and advice possible! (And let’s not forget we will be eating incredibly delicious food, and availing ourselves to some of the most body-melting massage and spa services.

OMG, sign me up right now!

The Venue : Bali

The Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs, evokes images of mystery, nature, and rejuvenation.

The island is home to religious sites such as cliffside Uluwatu Temple. To the south, the beachside city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns.  

We will be spending six days and five fabulous nights in the beautiful area of Ubud enjoying the breath-taking mountains, food, and the gorgeous décor of the STUNNING location, Heaven In Bali

(Could there be any more perfectly apt name for where this retreat will occur?) 

You’ll feel like you found a secret oasis that only YOU know about. 

There is nothing they want more than to share their overwhelming love for Bali and the beautiful people of Ubud with you. And truly, they have put their heart and soul into creating the perfect place to facilitate beautiful and powerful transformation. ​ At 824 metres (2400ft) above sea level, you can enjoy a temperate climate, ideal for swimming by day and sleeping without air-conditioning at night, just the sounds of nature to lull you to sleep. Temperatures range on average, from 18C to 28C, so bring a sweater and trackies for the evenings and your favourite suntan lotion for the days! ​ Completed in December 2007, Heaven in Bali is built along contemporary, traditional Balinese style architecture, with all the modern trappings to make your retreat a truly easy and memorable experience.  

Bali is known around the world as the Island of the Gods and Heaven in Bali in Payangan, is surely Heaven. It is a boutique, mountain homestay located in the village of Kerta, which in the Balinese language means Peace, and what a fitting name for this location. ​ Each room is unique and beautifully designed.

Husband and wife team Rick and Lita have created a totally casual and relaxed atmosphere at Heaven in Bali, where you can unwind & rejuvenate, while immersing yourself in nature’s offerings: lush vegetation, frogs, butterflies, the resident brilliant blue Kingfisher, whispering bamboo, spectacular mountains bathed in the mornings golden light and the mist filled valley. 

Occasionally you will see monkeys in the jungle canopy and squirrels playing tag amongst the branches. Rick from the UK originally, looks amazing. He truly seems half his age, and Lita, a Balinese Beauty, is a walking personification of JOY!  


Come and enjoy a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of modern living, in a natural environment, free from intrusive distractions, where you can disconnect from any stress or strain and take the time to reflect on what is really important in your life. You will experience the reknown hospitality of the Balinese staff and their unique culture, savour delicious food, and gaze at pristine nature.  


Complete Sensory Journey!!!

If you are looking for a sensory journey then Heaven in Bali is right for you!  

From the moment you step into this retreat the magnificent mountain views will take your breath away, you will literally need a moment to yourself to sit in quiet admiration of what you are seeing.  

The smells and sounds of nature are all around you, lush green trees and plants, ponds filled with beautiful Koi fish and the sound of lapping water. This is the perfect place to allow your body to truly reconnect with yourself and nature.  

Your room itself is immersed in nature with beautiful stepping stones leading over the pond to your accommodation which is very spacious and comfortable. 

Relax and get a feel of the amazing Bali!

Just 21 km north of Ubud, the renowned cultural, artistic and spiritual centre of Bali, where on your free day you may choose from a vast array of activities from fine dining, cultural dances and ceremonies, temple and royal palace visits, shopping, visiting Monkey Forest, Ubud Botanic Gardens and numerous galleries. Some of the finest hotels and spas in the world can be found a short drive down the valley from Heaven in Bali, along with more vigorous activities such as white water rafting, mountain biking, elephant rides, paddy walks and more.  

Rick and Lita, a beautiful family, are wonderful hosts. 

The food was 5 star quality and of the freshest ingredients, perfect if you are looking to replenish yourself and top up with lots of healthy natural goodness. (A must try is their healthy raw cocoa drink) You will become addicted . Delicious 3 course meals, which will tantalize and satisfy your taste buds! The slow cooked duck is a house specialty and till now leaves my mouth watering, you will not be disappointed.  

Above all else I left feeling 10 inches taller after staying here, a real milestone in my life, which I will never forget.  

This really is a place of transformation and I am extremely grateful to have had this experience. 

The Cuisine

Let’s get this straight right from the start – Balinese food is simply delicious – perfect for our vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. There’s no processed food at Heaven In Bali– only delicious homemade food using the freshest locally grown resources. And it is simply not possible to go to Bali and not eat a scrumptious home-made Nasi Goreng with chicken satay!  

The food is prepared fresh daily, and dinners are a slow relaxing affair with candlelight and magic. If you don’t eat this or that – no worries – Rick and Lita are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences. You will have one free day to experience the fabulous international food scene and on our last night together we’ll be eating our most fabulous meal combined with our final night concert.

The Desserts

And the desserts? Oh dear…..I do hope you plan on doing a lot of swimming and walking around to burn off the calories (just look at the picture behind this text – seriously).  

If that’s not tempting enough – it is all planned to make sure you do not have to lift a finger and all your delicious meals are fully catered for.  

The beauty of this retreat is that you can focus on you. You will be served incredible healthy meals throughout your stay with no need to even think about cooking, shopping, or washing up! 

The Delights…

To start with, no trip to Bali would be complete without indulging in a traditional Balinese massage at our fabulous retreat. Balinese massage was developed in the Indonesian province of Bali with influence from the traditional medicine systems of India, China, and Southeast Asia.

The practitioner may apply essential oils which all assist in relaxation, loosening fascial restrictions and stimulating the lymphatic system. It also detoxifies the body and nourishes and softens the skin.

For locals, the Balinese massage and relaxation is a part of life to regain harmony between body and mind.

With some beautiful scented oil on your skin, you’ll leave feeling fresh, shiny, intensely relaxed and totally refreshed! Ahhhhh…… 

On your free day you could take a tour of the highlights of Ubud with our trusty guide Kadek who is also an amazing photographer, exploring the waterfalls, giant swing or shopping for Balinese clothing, oils, jewellery, stunning artwork, colourful ceramics, and perhaps visiting the local iconic sights, or the rolling rice fields.  

There are so many options!  

And yup – don’t worry, you’ll also have some time on your free day to do your own shopping if you need some extra retail therapy!

And if you choose to use your free day for pure relaxation and spend the entire day by the pool at the retreat with a book, this is also a perfect decision. 

PLUS: No “You Have A Voice” retreat can be complete without a final concert party where each participant will sing or speak from the heart! Then we will DANCE!  

(There’s nothing like chilling-out to some body-moving rhythms) 

The Benefits:

So what can YOU expect if you spend five nights masterminding your future success AND enjoying yourself on an exquisitely decadent adventure to Bali?  

→ Well, what if you got all the help you needed to design your stunningly inspiring plan for 2021 that has your heart jumping for joy with the clarity and focus on what you KNOW is right for you?  

→ And what if you also had access to expert help with crafting and refining YOUR unique, irresistible main goal for the year? 

→ And what if you could get answers to ALL of your voice questions in real time, from an expert who has taken the time to understand you, your voice, and YOUR specific strengths and challenges?  

→ And on top of ALL THAT, what would it mean to you if you picked up a handful of strategy and “new ways to shift your mindset” gems that ended up transforming your life from that moment on? 

Would THAT be worth coming to Bali for?

Seriously!? I sure think so!  

PLUS: you’ll get to pick my brains even BEFORE you step foot on the plane!  

Yes, to make sure you’re fully organized and on track to get the most out of this amazing experience, we’ll get together on a group call BEFORE the event to coach you on the specific background information to bring along in order to max out the value of this unique opportunity – and that’s priceless! 

Please keep in mind:  

This is your opportunity to work totally interactively with me addressing your EXACT areas of concern, and helping you identify blind spots, solve challenges, and increase the impact of your voice and how you use it… and so much more.  

You'll leave Bali with... 

• Your 2021 plan including your main goal for the year defined. DONE.  

• New voice technique skills that you can use every day. DONE.  

• More courage after performing or speaking live in Bali in our final concert! DONE.  

• Brilliant friendships and connections with like - minded kind people like you. DONE.  

• Revelations of what has blocked you so far and how to overcome. DONE.  

• Your perfect life pathway for YOU confirmed. DONE.  

• Your most pressing questions, challenges and blind spots identified, answered and DONE.  

• Your sky-high confidence and energy that’s irresistibly attractive to others who totally “get” your value and worth (and LOVE what you stand for) DONE.  

And answer all your questions on:

Choosing a style or genre that is right for your voice (you will be frustrated if you are not using your best strengths.) • What to focus on when life is overwhelming (you can’t do everything all at once.) • Picking a main goal that is inspiring (not every good idea truly makes your heart sing.) • What information belongs on your website (to get the most out of your brand.) • How to handle rejection (so that you don’t shy away from opportunities out of fear!) • How to walk in healing after past pain (it is time to be free.) • TOP strategies for living your life in alignment (if you are not in alignment in any area that can be corrected and healed.) • Tips you can use to overcome nerves in any situation (there are practical things you can do that work!) • Reframe any life challenge or crisis (it is happening FOR you not TO you.) • Whatever it is you have a question on! I am here for YOU and no subject is out of bounds!  

About Bali

What can I say? I LOVE Bali. It is a beautiful Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs.  

Bali has a warm tropical climate with two distinct seasons. A wet season that runs from October to March and a dry season that runs from April to September. It has a fairly even climate year round.  

The population of Bali as of 2014 was 4,225,384.  

Hinduism is the main religion (83%) and Islam is second (13.37%) followed by Christianity (2.47%).  

Balinese and Indonesian are the most widely spoken languages in Bali. English and Chinese are the next most common. However, English is spoken by most people who interact with tourists so you will have no problems communicating with folks while wandering around town.  

Bali is renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms, such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handcrafts and performing arts. 

Bali boasts one of the most diverse and innovative performing arts cultures in the world.  

The people pride themselves in being tolerant, peaceful, and open, and they abhor violence. 

The Indonesian government are strongly against drugs and have security measures in place to prevent negative influences from taking hold in their country.

There is a large expatriate community living in Bali because it is such a beautiful and delightful place with fabulous restaurants, reasonably priced, lots of activities, and a fascinating culture.  

You can feel safe walking in the markets, bargaining and shopping – of course just like when you walk about in any city you want to make sure your money and belongings are tucked away safely. It is very common for travellers to make their way around the island solo.  

It is best to drink bottled water in Bali and drink a lot to stay hydrated. 

What's included:

• Nine deep-dive Voice, Creative, Coaching, Hot Seat and Clarity mastermind sessions with Simone + lots of juicy retreat conversations all week! • Special Welcome Dinner • Pre-trip Preparation Call • Boutique accommodation at Heaven In Bali • All towels and linen • All your delicious meals! • Our Final Dinner and Concert with PA/microphone for you to speak or sing • One free day to explore the wonders of Bali or relax at the retreat • One hour massage • Unlimited use of the Private Pool • Closing Reflection and Gratitude Ceremony • Entire Retreat location dedicated to You Have A Voice 

Whats NOT included:

• Your round-trip airfare from home  

• Airport transfers (these are not expensive)  

• Transportation or expenses incurred on your free day  

• Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services • Personal, travel, medical or trip cancellation insurance 

Michele Tyrell

"I am so grateful for this retreat. The sessions of coaching were pure gold. I have a clearer vision of how to achieve my goals as a result. I am grateful for the lovely people I met and the opportunity to see them achieving breakthrough. 

I loved the food, the location and especially the massage. I feel so relaxed. The final concert was amazing. The talent that was displayed in both singers and speakers was inspiring. Lastly, getting to share this journey with my husband Gary was the best of all."

Katherine Vavahea

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to give back to myself. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful and transformative retreat. The personal breakthroughs that came through the powerful accelerated learning sessions changed lives. The sense of community developed over such a short period of time was miraculous as well as effortless.  

Reflecting on my journey and life thus far gave me the courage and hope to revise, refine and refresh my purpose. I loved the location, the food, communal dining, bonding, and walks through the rainforest to the reflections in nature. I was inspired to set new goals, and refresh and reset my purpose. I am so grateful to see everyone succeed and shine. So grateful as well for the final concert and the overall healing and breakthrough."


Arrive into the Ngurah Rai International Airport on January 11th before 2pm if possible so you can be picked up and we can get you settled in before dinner. We recommend you depart January 16th, 2021 on a later flight so you can complete the full program which ends at 11am.  

If you want to come earlier or stay later for some exploring in Bali you are MOST WELCOME! You would need to source alternate accommodation outside of the Summit dates.  

Extra Important Details from Heaven In Bali:

Our location is 824 metres (2400 feet) above sea level and enjoys a cooler climate in the mountains, with nighttime temperatures around 18C, so please bring some warmish clothes and socks for the evenings. Day time temperatures can be around 28C – 30C, so please bring your bathing suit for the pool and Jacuzzi. All towels, bath soap and shampoos are provided, but please bring your own sunscreen, bug repellent, toiletries, etc. We have only a couple of hair dryers, so if this important to you, please pack your own. We are approximately 23 kms from central Ubud, with no shops or supermarkets nearby, so if you like to snack, or have any special requirements, please bring them with you. There is a good medical clinic and new hospital in Ubud, which we use and can recommend. Due to the elevation, we do not have a big mosquito problem, but there may be a few around dusk, so best cover up and use a repellent. We do not recommend taking anti-malaria medication, as Malaria and Dengue Fever are not prevalent here in the mountains. We have Wi-Fi here in a centralised location and in most rooms. You can check your emails and post on Facebook, however for our own retreats, we discourage a lot of time on the Internet and advise attendees not to bring their phones to the meal table, as this is sacred time with each other.  

About Simone

Simone Waddell is the founder of “You Have A Voice” Coaching, Workshops, and Retreats" and has conducted thousands of coaching sessions over twenty-seven years. She is one of the leading vocal workshop facilitators in Australia.  

Simone was the first Australian to receive a scholarship to one of the world's top music schools, Berklee, and was the first jazz vocalist to ever complete the Research Masters Award at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.  

Simone was also awarded $20,000 as the winner of the Nescafe Big Break. 

She has performed in Japan, USA, China, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, toured with Grammy nominated artist Taylor Dayne, been the Opening Act for one of her favourite jazz singers, Vince Jones, and has released four albums, two EPs, and multiple singles. Her music videos have over half a million views online. 

Her recent work includes mentoring the globally recognised Watoto Children’s Choir in Uganda, numerous performances at Parliament House, and being an ambassador for Messenger Rescue to assist bringing freedom to those trapped in sex trafficking.  

She is a powerful singer, songwriter and voice coach, who has transformed countless lives. She will help you pull it all together, so that you can find your voice, empower your soul, and live the song of your life!  

Her favourite things include travel, spiritual growth, music, dancing, fitness, champagne, red lipstick, and all things that sparkle—in no particular order.  

Little-known facts: She has served in a Soup Kitchen, eaten a cockroach as a delicacy in Japan, and even flown in a light plane in Papua New Guinea where each passenger was weighed beforehand to make sure the plane would stay in the air!